Los Angeles: In a Nutshell

A city forged in the desert, Los Angeles has been entirely influenced by settlers.  This malleability, coupled with a huge landscape has led to a city with hundreds of neighborhoods, many of them defined by the ethnicity of those who live there.

L.A. is one of the only places on earth where you can see the world without a second tank of gas in the car. Ethnic enclaves lie tucked within pockets of sprawl, and are announced by civic totems disguised as street signs reading "Thai Town" or "Little Armenia". Each of these harbors small authentic restaurants.  Simply put, this leads to the fact that Los Angeles has the best region-specific foods that you can find outside of their countries of origin.  The best Asian food outside of Asia. The best Latin American food North of the Mexican border.

L.A. is also well regarded as the capital of good old fashioned casual quick service American food - It's Burgertown. It's full of amazing diners, burger shacks and hole-in-the-wall restaurants servicing superior food that anyone can afford. 

L.A. is enjoing a cultural renaissance. Downtown Los Angeles has reinvented itself as a fine dining destination. Koreatown is now one of the most sought after late-night destinations. Best of all, the whole city is now taking pride in its diverse dining. It's emerging from the shadows of New York and San Francisco as America's best kept secret!  So, eat up!

Thai Town

Where the walk-of-fame stars end, a new series of the real attraction of Hollywood Blvd. begins - Thai Town. Every strip mall on Hollywood Blvd. between Vine and Vermont seems to have at least one Thai restaurant specializing in a region or dish. The range of restaurants is so varied you can choose a spot simply by cravings or price range. 

Note: If you're in the mood for a tasting tour, head to the epicenter, "The New Hollywood Plaza," where in one strip mall you can have a meal from Soup to Nuts.



Welcome to K-Town: halfway between Hollywood and Downtown L.A., but unlike anywhere else in the Western world. 

Loud. Busy. Full of lights and billboards, full of lively strip malls with difficult parking and sizzling food. Dive bars, dimly lit, capture your attention and keep you drinking late into the night. Entire evenings can be spent walking from bar to restaurant to bar — with a final stop at a Korean spa to sweat out those toxins. Rest (or don’t rest) assured, you’ll never be more than a few blocks away from the next stop on your map. 

For an in depth guide you can take on the go purchase a pocket-sized Soup to Nuts Guide - Koreatown.